Legal assistance in all segments of the oil sector, including exploration, development, extraction, refining, distribution, marketing, import and export of oil, natural gas, LNG and by-products and the development of projects in the mineral sector in all its phases, including mineral research, development, extraction, marketing and export.

Preparation, negotiation and risk analysis of agreements common to the sector, including allowance, construction, equipment supply, unitization agreements, farm-in, joint operation agreement (JOA), distribution, provision of various services, mineral purchase and sale agreements, agreements with surface users, transfer and leasing agreements of mining rights, purchase options, construction, equipment supply, research, distribution and rendering of various services.

Assistance to companies in the acquisition of equity interests in the oil, gas and mining sectors, including the preparation of audit reports covering all relevant areas, preparation of shares/allocations purchase agreements, shareholder /quota holder agreements and joint ventures.

Assistance for companies on Initial Public Offering, including the preparation of audit reports covering all relevant areas, preparation of the prospect, registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM, Comissão de Valores Mobiliários) and other institutions.

Assistance in operations for financing projects for the construction of platforms, refineries, energy generators, mining companies, steel mills and other large works in the sector.

Issuance of title opinions, analysis of regulatory issues and tax planning for projects and enterprises in the sector, including restricted areas.

Monitoring he sector’s legislative production, especially the possible changes in the oil and natural gas exploration regime in the pre-salt region.