Structuring of new businesses, products and services in the technology and internet sector, including negotiation and preparation of agreements for the development of websites, stores in a virtual environment and other e-commerce activities.

Preparation of terms of use and privacy policies, as well as assistance on issues related to the use of digital signatures, provision of content, links and hosting.

Consultancy in relation to legal and regulatory aspects in Internet and e-commerce, including domain names, databases, data protection and consumer rights, as well as the acquisition and maintenance of domain names at

Assistance in the preparation of software license agreements, source code escrow agreements, maintenance, updating and development of systems and operation and administration of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) platforms, as well as analysis, preparation and negotiation of telecommunications service agreements, operational agreements between electronic stores and hosting services.

Consultancy on copyright protection of works created by employees and service providers for employers.

Preparation and negotiation of IT Outsourcing agreements.