Legal assistance related to the regulation of accidents, in new insurance and reinsurance operations, including the establishment of insurance and reinsurance companies and their respective registrations in the autarchy (Susep).

Representation in corporate transactions involving purchase, sale, joint venture of insurers, reinsurers and insurance and reinsurance brokerage companies, in addition to purchase and sale of commercial portfolios. Representation of clients in the regulatory scope before Susep, for registration and updating of operating approvals.

Preparation and review of general clauses of insurance and reinsurance products and agreements. Realization of legal advice on regulatory aspects. Participation as a legal expert in local and foreign courts in relation to insurance and reinsurance.

Legal assistance in intervention and judicial or out-of-court liquidation of companies. Comprehensive assistance in open and closed complementary pension funds, including performance before the National Superintendency of Complementary Social Security (Previc).