The participation of the society and democratic institutions in the decision-making process that governs the country has evolved over the last few years, but has not yet achieved the appropriate form for the democratic rule-of-law state, even in comparison with other countries. With this in mind, the firm contributes to its clients’ legitimate expectations as important actors in the construction and development of the policies that sustain the country, based on professional, transparent and ethical relationships.

In this scenario, within the scope of the executive and legislative branches, from the identification of the client’s demand, our services include the preparation of a legislative proposal to solve the problem, strategic and legal guidance, scheduling of meetings with political actors, and monitoring and acting in the legislative process.

The objective is to offer a differentiated service to clients and to improve the dialogue between companies and government actors in order to support government decision-making. In this way, by broadening the range of advocacy strategies and simplifying the resolution of judicial disputes through legislative reforms.